Valentine's Day Dinner? バレンタインデーの夕食。。。?

Valentine's Day was the topic of the day.  Almost everyone on Facebook was talking about it all day today.  My Japanese friends had lots of photos of chocolates (in Japan, girls give chocolates to boys).  And lots of photos of delicious food from NZ side of friends.

So our dinner table ended up being colourful as well!  

Leftover Chicken Drum with chilli flavour from yesterday, leftover lamb chop from today's lunch, Quiche with spinach, onion and mushroom, Tarakihi with seaweed flavour, leftover roast beef from yesterday, and caesar salad!!  Didn't cook much but a lot of variety!!

Now chocolate.... someone had chocolate mousse on fb... now I wanted to have it too so here is one on our table!  Cacao nib on top!

Happy Valentine's Day!






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