Low Carb Curry! 低糖質にカレーを食べる

Orthodox curry in Japan is very high in carb with lots flour of in it. There is no way to fit in the menu of low carb dinner . . . . So , alternative to it is real Indian curry which does not use flour to thicken it. . . That said , it is not that easy for me to make Indian curry that the types and timing of spices are most important, it's not like getting Japanese curry roux from supermarket and make it without even looking at the recipe.

Now I discovered this!!!  Indian Curry Recipe Kits by Spice n Easy.  At Countdown Moorehouse Ave.  

Around six different spices are individually packed in the small bags, all got different numbers that matches the numbers in the order of use in the recipe which is also in the package. 

Spices are measured already, and you won't miss the timing to use the spice as long as you follow the recipe. EASY!!

Make it a slightly thinner taste cos neither rice nor naan are accompanied - or eat with Naan made with soy flour if you have time !

で、発見したのがこちら。私が買うのはCountdown Moorehouse Avenue。




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