Mung Bean Fettuccine 緑豆のフェットチーネ

The other day it was Black Bean Spaghetti.  Today we had Mung Bean Fettuccine!  

Mung Bean contain slightly higher carb so I just used one serving between two of us just like a side menu.

There was a 1/4 bottle of spaghetti sauce in the fridge, so I put pan fried chicken, boiled broccoli,  boiled eggs and fettuccine on the plate with the spaghetti sauce and cheese on top.  

Makes you wonder how you get this nice and smooth texture just with mung beans and water, but at least it gives you more option of low carb pasta like dish.

I think the fettuccine will also good with cream sauce .... like carbonara etc... yes, next time!

先日は黒豆のスパゲティ。今日は同じ会社の緑豆のフェットチーネ。パッケージをよく見るとFettuccine shapeって書いてあるので「もどき」って感じかと。






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